Designed to meet the requirements of the professional plower, the 7 1/2 and the 8″ PRO PLOW models are available in both powder coated steel and maintenance free poly. The 8 1/2 model offered in steel only.

Trip Springs
Four trip return springs help softened the blow when your plow strikes an obstacle.

Poly Blade
Made from the thermal fomed, high density polyethylene, the blade has a slippery surface that provides superior snow-rolling action.

Known nationwide as the choice of the professional plower, the PRO-PLOWS® were designed to meet tough contractor requirements.

  • Available in 7 1/2′, 8′, and 8 1/2′ blade widths
  • Shock absorber on the back of the blade (shown below left) softens trip action to extend life of your truck and plow
  • An optional back drag edge (shown below middle) is available for steel PRO-PLOWS®. This edge makes quick work of clearing snow away from garage doors and other tight areas.